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Eating healthy, varied, and balanced meals can be a real challenge, especially for families. As a registered dietitian and a mom, my mission is to support you and your family in building a strong nutritional foundation.

Do any of these challenges sound familiar to you?

  • Planning family meals feels very stressful and preparing a meal that everyone can enjoy seems impossible.
  • You lack the time, inspiration, energy, knowledge and – very often – cooperation from family members.
  • Conflicting information leaves you feeling uncertain, fearful, or guilty, making you doubt and question if you're doing enough.
  • You want your child(ren) to eat and grow healthily, but picky eating and processed foods hinder your nutrition goals.

Here's what you truly want:

  • Feed your family (and yourself) without losing your sanity, breaking the bank, or spending excessive time in the kitchen.
  • Feel confident in your understanding of family nutrition, helping to reduce stress during mealtimes.
  • Build a healthy relationship with food with the entire family.
  • Gain practical tips and ideas for enjoyable family meals.

I have fantastic news for you!

This summer, starting from August 1st, I'm launching my FREE Family Food Unlocked mailbunch: 20 honest and insightful emails with reflection exercises that will gradually provide you with the answers to that one nagging question: 'Why do I struggle with feeding myself and my family and which are my first steps to fix this?'

My goal is to help you understand what truly matters when it comes to healthy family nutrition and what doesn't. Are you ready to embark on this journey?

Meeting Sofie has changed my life. Her advice has made my life so much easier and uncomplicated. She has helped me and my family find the perfect balance and relationship with food.

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